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Welcome to our site! This site is going to be all about our little guy Dean and how our world has changed for the better since he came into the world 7 years ago ❤️ So I’m just going to start from the beginning so you can get to know Dean a little bit. Dean was born full term and very alert when he was a baby! He was already trying to hold his head up at 3 days old 😳 (I have a video!) so crazy! As he was starting to get older though he seemed to have a hard time with seeing things and was also having a hard time with hearing and got startled easily. He ended up needing glasses at 4 months 😍 and with much testing we found out he was only hearing at about 20%. They said it would be like hearing underwater all the time! He ended up needing tubes in his little ears and later that year he also had to have a strabismus surgery for his eyes and later on another one. We noticed Dean just wasn’t hitting his milestones and was having troubles with sitting up and things like that. We ended up getting him into therapy and started to strengthen his little body and that seemed to help. He didn’t walk until around 20 months and couldn’t speak many words until around 36 months maybe later so we started speech and OT therapy as well. He is still in speech, OT and PT today. We never had an official diagnosis for Autism until he was 5. We were always told he was just developmentally delayed. Either way, we were and always have been and always will be, happy with who he is! In April of 2021 we got the official Diagnosis that he has Autism. We were told Dean would never walk or talk! Well boy has our warrior proved everyone wrong!  So this is our journey with him as we are still learning new things about Autism and how we can help him learn and how we can understand him better! So we invite you to see the life of Dean’s World first hand. It might not always be calm. Sometimes it’s going to be crazy and chaotic with meltdowns but this is our life and we are taking it one day at a time. We are hoping this can be an encouragement to those of you who may feel like you’re parenting a special needs kiddo alone or who just need other ideas with things ❤️ 

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